Donate: Shoes and Water for the Wayuu

It takes a village... Join us in raising funds to help communities of indigenous Wayuu people living in the deserts of Northern Colombia.

Shoes for School
When visiting a school in the northern deserts of La Guajira, we learned that 2/3 of the kids do not have shoes to be able to walk the 2-5km journey to school. 150 kids are registered to attend this school, but most cannot.

Goal:  $1,500 to buy a new pair of shoes for the 150 kids from 7 Wayuu communities who are registered to attend this school.

Water for the Wayuu
The 7 indigenous communities in this remote area in the harsh deserts of Northern Colombia do not have stable access to clean water. Although a municipal water truck brings water periodically, the people don't have the means to collect and safely store sufficient water for their needs.

Goal:  $5,000 to purchase and install 1000 L water storage tanks to serve the 7 communities.

Dream Goal:  $15,000 to build an 80-meter deep water hole to provide a constant and accessible source of clean water.

Help us reach our goals and give access to education and clean water to these communities.